Friends help friends finding their true love


The next step was to take into account the document flow and translate them into wireframes, in every step I pictured the user experience and needs.

I performed the Crazy eight  exercise that helped me brainstorm to understand the appropriate screens.

High fidelity wireframe

From usability tests with several users,

it turned out that the matching screen was too busy, There are too many profiles and it makes it difficult to focus on finding a match.


When I did the market research I came across several dating apps, most of them are designed and colored in similar matter. I made some app designs with the thought of breaking the common design sangas in the dating apps available today



My solution is a social dating app that allows users to search and match between friends and acquaintances using:

Shared social circles, match based on pre-defined interests, common hobbies.


  • Singles of all genders

  • Friends who want to help friends

  • Age range: 18+



  • Meetings people looking for a relationship

  • Saves time: no need to actively search

  • Matching percentages are higher

  • A sense of security


  • - Satisfaction with helping friends

  • - Entertainment from using the app


People will log in to the app

and add friends

Create a matching app,

which is easy,

simple and experiential

to find a precise

relationship for singles.

Single men and women invest a fair amount of time in the search for their desired relationship.

I built a platform that  social dating  that allows users to search and match between friends and acquaintances

This project focuses on matchmaking suggestions between members.

My role in this project includes: users research, market research, app specification, and design.

The problem

Single men and women invest a fair amount of time in the search for their desired relationship.

There are many diverse ways for finding a partner, in which the bachelor controls his own destiny.

This journey may be exciting, but may also be frustrating

Friends and acquaintances can help by offering a match 

This way is common and yields success, but in reality matchmakers get entangled and feel shy and embarrassed

The reasons for this dilemma:

  • Is the other side interested

  • Direct communicating may feel embarrassing

  • Being worried with the match success

Interviews with singles

Ages 28-45 looking for a serious relationship and got tired of the current ways for finding partners, open for new ways of meeting partners.

Questionnaire 174 people participated

After a thorough examination I concluded that the dating market is saturated with platforms for finding relationships, there is a huge supply for various purposes and there is no targeting.

Some singles are slowly abandoning dating apps and moving to get to know each other through social networks where singles experience circles of shared friends, up-to-date photos of common interests and shared content.


When I did market and user research, I realized that users with a desire to solve a problem.
I believe that an important part of the research of user needs, is to authenticate the user and motivate him for action 
I designed  landing page offer, where it would be possible to check the user's behavior.

If he clicked on the purchase button, left personal details, downloaded the product and paid for it.

User research

interviews with matchmakers

Ages 28-45 that have single friends looking for relationships and are glad to help them. People that feel the opportunity to help a friend.

Young Woman's Portrait

How do you recognize a connection potential?

"From conversations I have with friends I slowly get to know them, I recognize if a person is sensitive and what's his lifestyle, for example I had a friend that helped me overcome a breakup, he was very sensitive and helpful and I knew he would be a good match for my associate who got hurt in the past from insensitive people. I also find that competent hobbies and lifestyle helps the connection."

man texting

"When I got a chance to match between friends and associates, I knew that they were available for love and partnership, I also knew they had common interests.

At the beginning of the acquaintance, I realized that I needed to be sensitive and feel that both parties are interested in order to avoid unpleasantness.."

Portrait of a Girl

"I had friends who suggested I meet someone, I even went out with a few. it opened up a world for me. I feel it has potential and you know the other person more deeply because you trust the mutual friend that matched. Unfortunately, I didn't end up in a serious relationship, but I did get a great deal of friends."

Man with Headphones

"I am a 34 year old single, working most of my day.

I come back late and already lack the desire to go out, I feel I have less social interactions to get acquainted with."


Friends match between friends

Social circles are limited

Friends love to help friends

Friends will only offer a match they know will have potential

Shared hobbies help create connection

A bachelor is looking for a relationship for himself

Shared circles and hobbies creates deeper connection

It’s not easy to find a relationship in the digital space

Will be happy to get match offers from friends

There is wear and tear from dating platforms

How did you get to know your partner?




Dating site


Through a common third party



The challenge

At times, the acquaintance process between friends can be complex and cumbersome.

The mutual friend negotiates between both parties based on his intuition and good intention.

There are times where one side politely refuses the other, which can create discomfort and embarrassment.

Create a match based on common interest

A simple and fun matchmaking process

Create an interaction between the 2 parties in a sensitive and respectful way

Competitor analysis

Once I understood the users' needs, I conducted market research and competitor analysis to understand if similar products exist and how they deal with this problem.

I examined a variety of apps, from dating platforms, social networks, finding partners, volunteering apps and more.

Registration process

Once the profile is completed the user will be forward directly to the home-page.

The profile could always be modified under the setting page

It was important to me to simplify the app onboarding process, since one of the features is to communicate with friends,

I thought it would be easier for users to register through Facebook, and not have to fill in many details at this stage

Also the user can invite friends easily, because they will automatically appear in the apps “friends” section.

After the change

Focused, less profiles at the same time, convenient for eye scanning

Final Design

When I designed the app I took inspiration from the nightlife, dates and parties. Dark colors that symbolize the evening hours that meet with radiant and uplifting colors that create lightness, I chose a design that radiates fun, lightness and playfulness, which maintains a fun experience

Single Profile

This screen includes recent photos, hobbies, mutual friends, available or unavailable for matchmaking and more.

This information will helps matchmaker to see if there is potential for the match success.

The matchmaking screen

In this screen the matchmaker makes an offer to match his single friends.

Select a single member from the friends list,

dragging the image left opens a profile page with his personal details

If the matchmaker thinks there is a match he drags the bachelor to the right and

makes a coupling


The matchmaking screen is designed in a simple and easy way for scanning and matching

Helps the user to select the next match efficiently

Joint message screen

From the moment of pairing,

a joint message will be sent to the singles from the matchmaker about the offer for his match.

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