Hi my name is Shay gruerabli and I am a graduate in Industrial Design and a UX graduate in Create School.

During my industrial design studies I was exposed to the world of user experience.

I was interested in working and researching with users, performing useful tests, influencing and creating a unique, intuitive and enhanced experience alongside aesthetics, design and focusing on the small details.

My projects were based on user pain points and improving their quality of life.


My final project helped the stutterer to speak continuously, using a method I invented - This project received honors. There I conducted research, development processes, working with a target audience, designing and planning for its various needs. It moved me to create a new and different experience that will help people.


During my final project, I was exposed to the field of user experience design from the graphic side. I specialized as a UX / UI designer in a start-up in the field of tourism for a year. I enjoyed a combination of user research and experience design through the digital world

After completing the internship and studies I realized that I wanted to deepen my knowledge in this field and I enrolled in UX studies at Create School.

Today after a number of projects I have done in the UX field I know that is where my passion lies.

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