Find the perfect tenant

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Looking for the perfect tenant?

Sometimes landlords aren’t sure how to pick a tenant without prior knowledge.

I built a platform that will aid landlords finding reliable tenants.

Landlord will be able to know potential tenant, thus will pick a suitable tenant for his property. This project focuses on in-depth questionnaire for potential tenants

My role in this project includes: users research, market research, app specification, and design.

The problem

landlords invest time, effort and financial resources on their apartments the next step in their process is locating a suitable person to live in their property the landlords aim to find a good and reliable tenants

For landlords, there's a difficulty when choosing future tenant, they can't be sure of their choice without a prior knowledge

prior to contract signature:

The process of finding tenants is exhausting and frustrating (scheduling appointments, people doesn't show up)

during the stay in the apartment:

-damage to property

-late with the rent payment

User research

In order to get to know the users need, I spoke with numerous landlords from different parts of the country. I wanted to understand the current market situation the landlords struggle.

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“When I searched for tenants for my property, I got phone calls from people that wanted to see the apartment, only 30% showed up, It was very frustrating, I took a day-off from my office especially for that purpose”.

A year ago my tenant cashier check bounced, I tried to contact the tenant but she wouldn’t respond to phone calls and whatsapp. Today im having hard time to count on new renters. It was frustrating that I wasn’t able to choose a reliable tenant.

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I rent a one room apartment to student in Jaffa, recently a renovation process has started, which disturbed the tenant. Every few days I got threatening messages from her about the noise and its unacceptable and she requested me to lower the rent, After I already did few times.

In the past, I had a family of 5 renting my property. I had quite a few phone calls from neighbors about loud noises and Knocks from the wall. One time they almost called the police. The amount of mess and vandalism that went on my apartment was horrible.


 not pleased with their renters

experienced difficulties and frustration when looking for new tenants

 experienced acts of vandalism

had financial claims

with past tenants





The challenge

There are landlords that are unaware of the consequences of choosing a future tenant. they mostly rely on intuition and basic questionnaire during the process of finding tenants. The contract signature process is accompanied with fear and insecurity, and later on there can be frustration and disappointment if choosing an unsuitable tenant.


  • Maching suitable tenant for landlords

  • Getting personal details about a future tenant

  • An organization and management platform is can be easily accessible to all ages

Competitor analysis

Once I understood the user's needs, I conducted a market and competitors research to see if similar products exist and how they deal with this problem. I examined different types of apps, from direct competitors to dating sites, social networks, apartment and vacation rentals, task manager and many others.

What is important for apartment owners and tenants

A service that violates users privacy will eventually fail

There is not filtering process and most of the users are real estate agents

There not many apartments to choose from and most of them from Tel aviv

What i have learned

  • There’s a large number of platforms in the housing field.

  • Most of them focus on apartment hunting

  • There's a small number of platforms that focus on house owners or tenants in personal



My solution is an app that helps landlords with quickly finding reliable tenants, and will raise

their confidence while choosing future tenants. Completion of introductory questionnaire, background check - matching based on predefined data, simple chat with future tenants, management and organization of appointments

 Main Goal

Create a simple process for finding potential high-quality tenants, and eventually sign a contract and residence with no worries.

The value

In-depth knowledge of future tenants will help and focus the searches.

Will create a sense of control, and will prevent wrong choices as possible.

Target audience

1. Landlords

2. Renters

3.large audience of any age


After I conducted users and market research. The next step was to take in account the user flow and translate them into coherent  Wireframes in every step, I envisioned the user experience and his needs.I came to a conclusion that an App is easy and more accurate for user needs. It’s simple and very accessible.

house owners can access the app everyday and manage their property up close.

I performed the Crazy Eight exercise, which helped me find the right planning for the users.

Moshe Cohen - "I noticed there's no option to call the applicant phone number but only contact via chatting

I rather hear the applicant voice, It gives me an indication of the applicant personality".

Without phone number

The change
With phone number

Yael Golan - “I think the tenant's approval or refusal should be only after viewing his profile and check whether the tenant is suitable”

The change

Approval/Refusal after viewing and matching the future tenant profile

High fidelity wireframe

After building the mockups I performed a usability test with 4 different house owners


When I designed the app interface, I imagined the simple experience that the user needs. choosing accurately what he\she is looking for. I choose a clean design with minimal color palette, to highlight the apartment's photoshoots. I chose a calm design, which will create a pleasant and fun experience, that is also easy-to-the-eyes.




Arimo Bold 22PX






Arimo Bold/Regular 19PX


Arimo Bold/Regular 17PX


Introductory questionnaire for future tenant

after the onboarding process applicants are directed to an in-depth introductory questionnaire where they'll need to fill personal details. 

House owners will receive the filled details and will choose future tenants according to his/her needs
to provide users with a clean and readable interface, I chose a minimal

set of colors and details.

Main renter screen

The main display for renting applicant. Search results are filtered and arranged in a user-friendly manner. This screen contains all relevant apartments for a renter, where he can register and send personal details.

Status updates for each apartment.


Confirmation - whether the landlord confirmed of the tenants profile, and is interested in continuing the renting process with him. Confirmation will follow an introductory meeting coordination


Refusal - no match, The landlord gives feedback on the reason for the refusal


Pending for approval - the landlord has not yet received the application and has not gone over the personal details of the apartment seeker

Tenant selection process

To make it easier for the user, I minimized colors and lighten the screens

design so that users can stay focused and be less distracted

Tenant approval process.

Landlords can see potential tenants' personal details in their profile, there they see information such as marital status, education, work, economic status, pets, information from social networks and more

This information will help landlords to better know potential tenant, and understand whether he's suitable for their needs. and continue the process or refuse with a simple click

Main landlord screen, Where they can manage rent requests

The main screen for landlords. There they see and confirm potential future tenants. This screen is organized based on the landlords personal preferences.

The results page is designed to be easily scanned, thus helps the user see his preferred decisions quickly and efficiently.

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